777 Total supply - 77 Legendaries - 7 Collabs
Presale mint cost - 0.05 ETH, after Jan. 7th, mint cost - 0.07 ETH

Javier Antunez, creator of BOARD 2 DEATH CLUB

I'm the type that gets bored with common trends, and thats where the inspiration came for this project. With that Board 2 Death was born. I created this project with the sole purpose to give back to my community in as many ways as possible!

  • To give a piece of my soul to the metaverse and whatever it may turn into! 
  • To give back to my clients that have supported me for 15 years of tattooing and for the 30 more years to go.
  • To offer a bridge from skin to pixel, from realworld art to digital art where each can benefit!

Hidden until Jan. 7th, 2022

So for now you will have a dark and secretive piece, one just begging to expose itself on Jan. 7th!

This project has been an incredible journey for me and I cannot wait till you all see what's hiding under each of your NFTs, with over 300 traits, even a "common" will be unique!!!

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NFT Gallery

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$ 2,500.00 USD

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$ 2,500.00 USD

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$ 2,500.00 USD

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7 amazing collabs, this one by TripppyTaurus

The amazing horror collab by J.R. Coffron

Board 2 Death Club - Utility

777 Supply, 77 1/1s, 7 collabs

Holders of legendaries can get them tattooed for free by the creator, 15 year experience tattoo artist check out the site to check out his portfolio.

At 10% minted, all new clients of Javi's gets 20% off their tattoo. Contact Javi for more info,

7 Easter egg collabs to find within the collection itself, from world known tattooers and NFT artists alike!

You want Utility? Nah, we just give back to our holders

Each mint sale rewards "1 random holder to be rewarded 10% of mint sale" locking the other 90% til reveal date.

Special lottery for holders, On reveal date Jan. 7th, 1 random holder wins 10% of entire pot. Potentially 3.5 ETH

Check out roadmap below for more utility ;)


By holding a B2D no matter how common the drop, you get exclusive rights to the physical production copyright, meaning you can print shirts, posters, mugs, basically I cant sue your pants off haha!

We Purchased a bit of land exactly where our tattoo studio is IRL on for future scalability to Web3 and IRL use cases such as VR Webinars and Web3 Merch.


To my beautiful clients and friends that are new to NFTs - Ever wonder how some folks get in "early", its simple, they use a minting dapp to buy and create the nft! A dapp basically allows you to mint directly allowing all kinds of awesome fun-ness!

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Let's get in touch today!

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10% Minted

Real Life perk -Gets 20% off their tattoo with Javier Antunez (Tattoo sessions with javi are $2500 per day, 20% is massive) does not apply to Javi's older clients who are grandfathered into their older rates

NFT Holder perk
- Random airdrops of freshly minted NFTs (no matter the rarity) to 1 random holder per week.

NFT Holder perk -All wallets are added to all whitelists for future projects, and all holders get first dibs on any smaller collection by Javier Antunez

50% Minted

Real Life perk - Get 20% off all limited art prints, merch, tattoo supplies and webinars.

NFT Holder perk - Random airdrops of freshly minted NFTS to 1 random holder per 3 days.

NFT Holder perk - 1 Eth will be used to sweep the floor.

75% Minted

Real Life perk - Artists will receive 100% access to any and all Webinars hosted by Javier Antunez

NFT Holder perk - Random airdrops of freshly minted NFTS to 1 random holder per 1 day.

NFT Holder perk - 2 ETH will be used to sweep the floor.

100% Minted


Phase 2 is about bridging further the possibilities of real world and digital art, along side teaching & learning from one another!

Scroll down to read more about my plans for phase 2!

PHASE 2 - Board 2 Death Creators

While we are minting the Genesis collection of 777 we are working with known artists both in the NFT space and in the Tattoo space to bring a collaboration collection like no other! Art Inspired by the Board 2 Death Deadbois, with traits from their respective creators!

Phase 2 Collection page -

Although these perks apply to all holders, it is best for open communication to join our discord!

LEVEL 1 HOLDERS (Holders that own at least 1 DeadBoi) -
Will have exclusive access to bid on these pieces of art, if the bidder does not have a B2DC in their wallet, their bid will be ignored all bids will start at 0.1 ETH for Holders,  all non bid pieces will be put on auction for 0.2ETH After the Collab piece is sold 30% of the earnings will be sent to 1 random holder, to continue the gifting spirit of the Genesis 777 Deadbois

LEVEL 2 HOLDERS (Holders that own at least 2-3 DeadBois) -
 Can also commission  their own custom B2DC by holding at least 2 Genesis 777 and for 0.05ETH. 10% of commission will be sent 1 random holder (must be verified through discord to order commissioned piece )

(Holders that own at least 4 or more DeadBois) -
 Can commission their own custom B2DC by holder 4 or more Genesis 777 for 0.0ETH (free) (must be verified through discord to order commissioned piece )

Thank you very much, I look forward to all the amazing things we build together! - Javi